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Saturday, October 18

Dune Bashing In Dubai, Desret Safari

Dune Bashing - Dubai - UAE

In Dubai, Dune Bashing is also known as Desert Safari. It is an exciting Spirited Adventure. It is an Outdoor Activity, Which is performed on Desert. Dune Bashing is often called the “White water Rafting of the Desert” and it is very popular in Whole United Arab Emirates. Dune Bashing in Dubai is very popular and Exciting Adventure in Dubai so mostly Dubai visitors can’t miss to take an experience this Spirited Adventure.

Adventure Tour

Dune Bashing, Don’t upset to hear this name because it is not a strange and cruel activity but it is an adventure sport. In this sport people slowly driving cars, buggies and bikes in the desert. They are climbing up and down on the mountain with some serious fun. Usually people use SUV (sport utility vehicle) with four wheel drive. Four Wheel Drive Vehicle is powerful than other normal vehicle so it helps you to drive easily on the desert for dune bashing. Normally Toyota Land curser, a large sport utility vehicle is used for Dune Bashing. This type of vehicles is specially designed to protect the passengers against roll over accidents.

Adventure Tours In Dubai Photos

Dubai Dune Bashing is done in a group of 5 to 20 vehicles. A Group leader led all that vehicles and travel in group so one can not loss in desert. It is better that all these vehicles are must be sport utility vehicle and checked, to avoid some mechanically problem in the Desert. It is necessary that all the drivers are well trained and experienced.

Adventure Tours Start

Now the adventure is going to start and will rock you. For about an hour you will go to feel the thrilling adventure, cut & roll and ups & down, slide and slip-rippling through the majestic sand dunes. The roller costing along the sand dunes of the beautiful desert will thrilled you. This is a typical trip of desert safari drive, which we know as dune bashing in Dubai.
At the time of Sun set it is a marvelous scene, sun rays spread on the desert send creates gorgeous view. You can take beautiful photos as a memory of your unforgettable journey to the Dune Bashing in Dubai.

Desert Safari Dune Bashing UAE Photo

After that the convoy of vehicles will go towards the Bedouin camp sites. At the camp site you can enjoy Camel rides with your partner. Experience the smoking of flavored sheesha, the traditional Huqqa. You can shop their clothes called Bedouin. Ladies and kids can decorate their hands with henna and all family members can take family photo, wearing Bedouin, the traditional garments. For relaxation there are many Majlis, Majlis are a traditional tents. You can choose from many types of Majlis and enjoy the traditional Arab coffee and their famous Dates.

A Luxurious and luscious dinner is waiting with blazing bonfire under the bright sky around beautiful desert. There are also romantic music waft from the other side, these all are looking like shaahi dinner. After Dinner you are invited to join the dance with beautiful Arab beauty frolicking belly Dance.

Dune Bashin In Dubai Wallpaper
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Thursday, October 16

Burj Dubai, World Tallest Building In Dubai

Skyscraper Burj Dubai At Night Photo

About Burj Dubai Skyscrapers - World Tallest Building In Dubai

Burj Dubai, the skyscraper is under construction in Dubai District. It will go to be world’s tallest man-made building ever built. This skyscraper is constructing at Downtown Dubai, at Doha Street along with Sheikh Zayed Road. Construction of this project was begun on 21st September, 2004 and expected to be completed and ready for use in September 2009.

Burj Dubai Tower Hight

This tower is also expected to break the record for tallest man-made building, which is held by 2,072ft tall the wire-assisted KVLY-TV mast in North Dakota, US. The developer, Emaar Properties said that the final height of Burj Dubai is kept secret till completion. Last year, Local media reports said that Burj Dubai’s final height would be 818 meters.

Burj Dubai Comparing To World's Skyscraper

Burj Dubai Compare Skyscraper

Burj Dubai Construction Detail

World’s tallest building, Burj Dubai is being constructed by the famous and well-known South Korean Company Samsung Engineering. This South Korean Company had made many famous and antique buildings and towers like Petromas Twin towers and The Taipei 101. The Samsung Engineering & Constructions is building the Burj Dubai in a join Venture with two companies, one is a Belgium Company Besix and another is Arabtec from UAE. The project manager of the main construction contract is Turner. The Reinforced is the primary structural system of Burj Dubai. They used more than 110,000 tones weighing reinforced concrete, which is over 45,000 m3 it means more than 58,900 cu yd to construct the concrete and steel foundation. This concrete and steel foundation has 192 piles buried more than 164 ft deep.

Burj Dubai Under Construction Snap

After the Burj Dubai would complete there are use of steel more than 39,000 tones and the use of concrete will touch the quantity of 330,000 m3. It is such an unbelievable thing. If this steel will lie on whole earth end-to-end then it can cover a quarter of the way. This construction will have taken about 22 million man hours.

As construction of the tower progresses, it is becomes more and more difficult for the vertical concrete pumps to pull the concrete at the head of the tower. This work had broke all the records to pump the concrete vertically and made a world wide new record.

Burj Dubai Wallpaper Dubai UAE

During the extension of the Riva del Garda Hydroelectric Power Plant in Italy had the record for pumping concrete at the height of 1,745 ft in 1994. But now Burj Dubai has achieved this record as the date of 19th August 2008, as it has pumped concrete to 1,759 ft. On 8th November 2008 Burj Dubai will broke its own record and register a new record to pump the concrete at the 1,972 ft. According to our data, Burj Dubai had achieved a height of 2,320 ft on 26th September, 2008.When the world’s tallest skyscraper would build, and it will have more than 160 floors with about 56 elevators. There are also apartments, shops, corporate suits, offices and swimming pools. The Burj Dubai would be the only skyscraper which has the most floors. This man-made skyscraper has set the record of highest vertical concrete pumping of about 1972 ft, before this project the record of highest vertical concrete pumping was named on Riva del Garda Hydroelectric Power Plant which was 1,745 ft.

Burj Dubai World Tallest Building Quality

During the construction, engineers and other responsible persons are taking all required quality tests, because one small mistake can make dangerous result. The head of Concrete Quality Checking has checked each batch of concrete and test it to see resist certain pressure. As the Gulf Temperature is as high as about 50 °C it is very hard to withstand the thousands of tones pressure. To solve this problem they poured the concrete at night instead of Day so the temperature is low than day. Additionally they ice to mixture the concrete to cool down the temperature. The other reason is that cooler concrete mixture is less likely to set too quickly and crack. One small crack could put the Burj Dubai project in Danger.

Computerised Image Of Complete Burj Dubai

Total budget for the Burj Dubai project is about US$ 4.1 billion. The CEO of Emaar Properties, Mohamed Ali Alabbar had said the price of office space at Burj Dubai had were sold at about $4,000 per sq ft it means around $43,000 per sq meter and that the Armani Residences, in Burj Dubai had reached about $3,500 per sq ft.

Worlds Tallest Building Mid Construction Image
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Wednesday, October 1

Dubai Amazing Building Wallpaper, Building In Motion Picture, Sightseeing World First Building in Motion

Dubai Amazing Building - Building in Motion in Dubai, UAE

Wallpaper Dubai Amazing Building -  Building In Motion In Dubai, UAE

is known for its amazing and unique real- estate projects. Burj Al Arab, world’s tallest and Costliest seven Star Hotel. World’s tallest Building The Burj Dubai is under construction and will finish in September 2009. Emirates TowersPalm Island are also a proof of Dubai’s ambitious real- estate projects. And now Dubai ready for another innovative skyscraper project. It is a new incredible project of Rotating Tower.    

How Rotating  Building in DUBAI?

       Dubai’s “Rotating Tower in Motion” building is concept by architect David Fisher. This building is based on dynamic Architecture. Keeping in mind the weight of the wings, are made from Carbon fibers. The Building will change its shape constantly. Each floor of this skyscraper can change its position; it can move, and rotate 360 degrees independently. One floor is rotating completely and then also it is not affecting the other floors of the Building.

dubai rotating building picture

In the middle of this skyscraper there is concrete core, which is surrounded by about 59 independently rotating levels. There are about 48 wind turbines fitted between each floor to rotate the floor smoothly.  On the roof of this building solar panels are placed to generate pollution free energy. The speed of the rotation is as slow as about 6 meters/ min, so that people inside probably won’t feel the Rotation.

building in motion at night-light snap 

In the history of the skyscrapers it will be the first to build with industrial system process where more than 85% of the building materials will be produced and constructed as modules in an industrial factory which is set up in Jebel Ali, Dubai. All the modules will be assembled mechanically. After completing the parts it will be sent to the construction site and then assembled in that middle Core. The Staircases, Elevators, Plumbing and other related utilities will be build on construction site. These key facilities will build using traditional techniques. All the floors, which are made from the factory, are completely finished and self contained with electrical, plumbing as well as air-conditioning systems ready for use. This factory will make one floor in every three days.

picture dynamic architecture dubai building in motion

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