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Monday, January 19

The World’s Large Shopping Mall – Dubai Mall

The World’s Large Shopping Mall – Dubai Mall

Bum economy stop many people to hitting shopping mall these day, but that can not stop developers from creating bigger and better and beautiful.

The Dubai Mall located at base of the world’s famous and tallest tower Burj Dubai. The Dubai mall is open from 10.00 pm to midnight. You can whole day in dubai mall for shopping, entertainments and eating.

I think Dubai Mall is world’s biggest shopping mall in dubai. In dubai mall more than 1200 shops and many more attraction. Dubai Mall opened on 4 November, 2008.

Featured Attraction Of Dubai Mall:-
Biggest Gold Souk
Fashion Avenue
Fountain Waterfall
Indoor Theme Park
Cineplex with 22 screen
Luxurious Five Star Hotel

Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre
The Dubai Mall’s focal point is aquarium and discovery centre.
Dubai Aquarium water tank store 10 million litres water.
Dubai Aquarium has World Largest Acrylic Panel
You can see 33,000 marine animals in aquarium.
The Dubai Aquarium features the world's single biggest school of sharks.

Dubai Ice Rink
Another most attractive point of dubai mall is Ice Rink.
Dubai Ice Rink is Olympic size.
2000 Guest can host in Ice Rink.
In Ice Rink you can learn skating, play ice hockey, figure skating lessons and enjoy coolest place with your friends, family.

These all photo of dubai mall and information for guide and my hobbey to collect dubai information.This all information and photo are taken from internet if any one have term and condition violation inform me i will remove it.
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