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Tuesday, June 30

Dubai Cable Car

dubai cable car at creekpark

Dubai Cable Car is another amazing attraction for tourist. With Cable Car Tours tourists can easily see sightseeing places of dubai. Bird's eye vision of this sparkling dubai we can see with the help of Dubai Cable Car. This Cable Car Tour help to increase tourism business.

The cable car 2.3 km long. The cable car ride takes 30 minutes. Dubai Cable Car are suspended in 30 meters air. Cable Car contain glass windows so that tourist can see beauty of the surrounding area. For this reasons Dubai Cable Car Tours has become very popular.

A total of 12 cable cars traverse around the park. In one Cable Car 4 persons sits available. This cable car tours covered approximately 4200 meters. This cable car tour people can enjoy from Dubai Park amphitheatre. Another place Al Maktoum Bridge from that also people can start tour. Three station have been set up where passengers can picked up and dropped up. This project has operate by private company.

People who afraid from height not recommend cable car ride. Because it is most breathtaking manner of show the dubai landmarks.
Dubai Cable car ride gives a wonderful view of Burj Al Arab Hotel, Jumeirah Beach, shopping malls, skyscrapers and many more.

view from cable car DUBAI

dubai cable car wllpaper

dubai cable car view photo

dubai cable car ride
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